Packaging design

The Best 2019 Easter egg designs so far

Selfridges Easter Egg 2019

Selfridges & Co artisan egg

This beautifully minimalistic egg is by Baravelli’s for Selfridges. They are an award-winning chocolatier company run by husband and wife Mark and Emma. This exclusively handmade artisan egg is hand painted and contains 45% milk chocolate.

Simple foil lettering on an uncoated card really lets the colour of the egg standout.

Venchi Egg 2019

Venchi Allegro Gourmet raspberry egg

Venchi’s Allegro Gourmet Egg is almost too good to eat. Its creamy white chocolate shell hides a very sweet secret – a layer of raspberry pieces mixed with sugary caramel. I love the Victorian wallpaper-esque design and the inner element adds a sense of mystery, surprise and indulgence.

Hotel Chocolat Hard-boiled range

Hard-Boiled Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat

What I like about these Hotel Chocolat eggs is their geometric shapes and the way the text runs over the edge of the pack rather than just featuring on the front face. It’s a simple touch that adds a quirky feel and makes the range rather unique.

The range includes Supermilk, Dark, Ginger, Mint and Brownie variants.

M&S Dark Chocolate Feather Egg

How’s this for beautiful? This hand decorated Ecuadorian dark chocolate Easter egg from Marks and Spencer comes with a metallic lustred feather and a separate drawer containing nine dark chocolate mini eggs, each filled with salted caramel.

Chococo 65% Madagascar Mega Milk Easter Egg

Chococo Mega Milk Easter Egg

Another geometric design, this diamond-faceted Easter egg from Chococo is from their ‘Fine Collection’ range of eggs for 2019. It’s made from 65% Madagascan milk chocolate with a light dusting of edible gold shimmer. It’s sure to be big on taste.

Waitrose Chocolate Coconut

How’s this for different? Waitrose’s chocolate and coconut Easter egg in the shape of a – well, coconut!

Inside the rich dark chocolate shell there’s a coconut flavoured white chocolate coconut flesh. Clever and distinctive, and perfect if you love coconut.

Green and Black's Easter 2019

Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Eggs

The colours really pop on Green & Black’s 2019 Easter egg range. I love the artistic design, the bold colours and the tiniest of windows that give just a little sneaky peak as to what’s inside. As a range they really sit well together but still retain their individual flavour personalities.

They also use ethically sourced organic cocoa.

Betty’s Centenary Imperial Egg

Chocolate, tea and biscuit maker, Betty’s, celebrate their centenary with this Centenary Imperial Egg. This 5Kg egg-within-an-egg showcases the skills of their chocolatiers and cake decorators. 

Inspired by the colours and elegance of Frederick’s first Bettys, the shimmering egg is hand-moulded from pink coloured white chocolate and decorated with traditional handmade sugar wild roses, golden leaves and delicate piped chocolate and royal icing designs. Nestled inside is a golden milk chocolate egg, also decorated with handmade roses.

It will, however, set you back £495.00 and is made-to-order only. Imagine breaking into it…

Chocolate society eggs

The Chocolate Society

This range of four chocolate eggs are made by The Chocolate Society exclusively for John Lewis.

The detail and texture on the eggs are amazing.

The warm grey panels on the box adorned with small white text adds to the sense of decadence and luxury. Stunning.